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"Composition and Storytelling"

"Composition and Storytelling" is the theme for our next artist call. Deadline for submission of your application is October 1st 2015. Presentation of artist pieces, a discussion, and a workshop will take place on November 26th 2015 at SFU Harbour Centre.

Find the call for arists here:

Theme: Compostion and Storytelling
"Composition is an important element of sound art practice, and many artists use sound to tell stories. For this theme, we are looking for an Artist in Residence (AIR) and a commissioned artist to each create a 10-20 minute sound art piece that explores composition and storytelling as a main focus."

Deadline for Submission of Application: October 1st 2015
Deadline for Completion of Pieces: November 15th 2015

Requirements: The AIR program requires a 4-6 week commitment to in-studio work and practice at the MAC Studio located in Co-op Radio. Artists must be available to be in studio a minimum of 12-15 hours a week and to keep a log that is shared with the Program Co-ordinator. The AIR program is reserved for beginner and emerging sound artists who require access to equipment, technical training, and software. The AIR requires the submission of the final piece, an activity log, completion of training, a description, biography, photographs, maintaining a blog, and to participate in a short workshop. The Commission is offered to mid and advanced sound artists who have an established CV of completed and presented sound art works. The commission requires the submission of the final piece, a description, biography, photographs and to participate in a short workshop where the piece will be shared and discussed.
Artist Fees: AIR - $600, Commission - $250