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A precursor in the production of many major lifesaving pharmaceuticals, phenol is the subject matter for my exploratory sound peice. Phenol is made of petroleum, a source unsavoury yet necessary to some applications.

I hope to shed light upon this fact and generate discussion on the concept of conservation and redirection of resources.

industry plays an important role in our future, regarding technology and advancement, perhaps with the awareness of our current limited supply of resources and the call for it pharmaceutically we can put pressure where it is needed to readjust our focus. We have the technology and knowledge to change to a more acceptable future where resources are conserved for crucial products like medicines, until alternatives can be discovered. With the downscaling of fracking practices, fresh water is wasted less and our rapidly depleting limited supplys of pitch, coal, petroleum and oil can be conserved and redirected away from cars, planes and boats, devices such as computers and phones all which can utilize sustainable models already known such as hemp plastics and fuel, technology under growth but with proven results as well as power alternatives rapidly being discovered and championed. 

With this peice phenol, I will explore the notion of being underground and experiencing the sounds and sensations one might endure as petroleum is wrenched from below the earths surface and transformed into phenol which ultimately takes form as medicine.