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Process: Contact Mic

So far, my process has included a lot of work with my cold gold audio technologies contact mic.

Recording the sounds of a kettle boiling with the contct mic yeilds useful result for the purposes of Phenol (the sound work i am engaging in for this project i will discuss in another post...). 

Scraping the mic across my table and tapping it, then eqing and rerecoring to tape after some light reverb from ableton which is then slowed with the tape units variable speeds function and then further processing in ableton (EQ8, reverb, separating the track into two and eqing out lows on one highs on the other then recombining the two) lends nicely to the concept of what fracking might sound like from below the earths surface.

next was contact micing sheets of glass i gently cracked and broke to achieve a sort of crystalline growth sound once processed with tape and eq'd heavily in ableton.  

Next up will be pills in a bottle, once again with the contact mic. 

It's amazing how easy this all sounds in text but listening and relistening and re recording over and over from digital to tape to digital to tape and back again all inrealtime leaves me feeling accomplished.