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Studio Pink

Where my weird family of vintage analog electronic instruments i am curently blending with a healthy dose of ableton on an old iMac are working out of. located on the edge of strathcona and the beginning of hastings sunrise lately known as the east village at Sunrise Studios. here I have a collection of gear including:


Roland TR 77 and Ace-Tone TR 33 vintage analog drum machines

An Akai 8 track cassette recorder i like to us to process signal with by feedback looping it within itself,

An RNC (that stands for "Really Nice Compressor") to sidechain with

A Mackie analog 12 channel mixer

A double input/output passive DI box for the drum machines and contact mic

a gold glitter encased cold gold audio technolofgies Contact Mic ( from Nanaimo.. Local! )

A Paia 4700 vintage analog modular synth with mismatched 8782 keyboard

A small handful of 1/4 inch magnetic tape recording units each with thier own personality and use.  


I currently monitor with a pair of mackie cr3s and a behringer 10 inch sub whcih does nicely in my smallish suite here at sunrise studios.