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V.Vecker is an American Canadian composer, musician and writer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Playing solo or with the larger Ensemble, the works weave many different styles together to produce unique aural experiences. While the hazy and delicate structure of "In the Tower" showcases a musical piece that remains beautifully contained yet unbound, V.Vecker is quickly able to adapt to free-form manipulations quite seamlessly as heard in the mulitphonic track, "Stuck in a Rut."

Has played with such acts as - Sun Araw Band (New Forms Fest, 2011), Hauschka (2011), Anthony Braxton (Sonic Genome Project, Cultural Olympiad, 2010), as a Part of C/R/I/T/I/C/S (art installation/ sound performance project of Justin Gradin and Andrea Lukic, Kandahar Bar, Cultural Olympiad, 2010) Glenn Branca (Symphony no 13: Hallucination City, Seattle Art Museum 75th Anniversary, 2008), Barn Owl (2008), Zs (2007) and Vancouver locals such as - Magneticring, Glass Armonica, Basketball, Babe Rainbow, Certain Breeds, Aerosol Constellations, Shearing Pinx, and many others.