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Sara Gold

Sara Gold has cultivated an audio/visual practice for over a decade, with her instruments of choice including vintage analog modular synthesizers, reel to reel tape compression and an re-201 space echo to name a few. She currently creates soundtracks for film and her own music videos, eluding to darker themes. With a history of live performance, Sara now focuses on recorded works in her vancouver based studio practice carving experimental techno out of her instruments capabilities, transcending thier limitations.

A precursor in the production of many major lifesaving pharmaceuticals, phenol is the subject matter for my exploratory sound peice. Phenol is made of petroleum, a source unsavoury yet necessary to some applications. I hope to shed light upon this fact and generate discussion on the concept of conservation and redirection of resources. My peice follows a literal storyline where you first hear the petroleum oozing underground, and as the trucks roll in over head there is a sudden blast of my interpretation of what fracking might sound like as the drill blasts into the earths surface and starts about its business. Once the petroleum has been extracted the sound of industry kicks in, pun intended, with a simple 4/4 kick which builds as the raw petroleum is transformed into the industrial chemical phenol through a series of chemical changes. First is the hydrolization stage which is represented by a recording of a kettle boiling which has been contact mic'd. Then the gaseous phase where I simply Eq'd noise from a dead channel on one of my reel to reels. Next is the sound of the crystalline phase where I gently broke glass sheets with pliers and contact mic'd the glass to emulate crystal growth. As the kick drums build in complexity and intensity we hear the final product emerge. Medication, in a pill bottle being played physically in time as an instrument. The images attached represent the contact mic'd pill bottle and the state of my gear after moving twice in one week. 

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