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George Rahi

George Rahi is an American artist whose work combines practices in sound art, musical instrument building, and interactive installation. He is currently an artist in residence at the Hadden Park fieldhouse.

What Would You Do explores the intersections of childhood memories, identity, belonging, and migration. The primary audio sources for the piece are drawn from family video recordings dating back to 1995 when my father, brother and I visited Lebanon. As a youth who fled Lebanon during the civil war in Lebanon, my father hadn't returned to his home country until this 1995 trip with his
two American-born sons. In these "home-videos" we visit a Christian church, look out over Beirut from a hillside, and walk through the house my Dad was born in. We also drive through Beirut in heavy traffic. The sounds and sights of these places and landscapes evoked complex and contradictory feelings; curiosity, fear, and trauma all reveal themselves. These experiences significantly shaped my own identity and politics as a brown-skinned youth growing up in post-9/11 "war-time" America; an America obsessed with fear of the other.

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