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Derek Lappano

Derek Lappano is a musician and composer based in Vancouver, BC. Lappano is interested in the effect of repetition, layering, and modulation on sound as a way of exploring how space is manipulated and how memory is evoked. For over 15 years this work has been both a solitary practice and collaborative process across multiple genres of music.

‘Disintegra’ uses the techniques and themes of William Basinki’s ‘Disintegration Loops’ as its basis. Basinski’s piece is the result of transferring archived tape loops onto a digital format, which caused the tape to literally disintegrate and regenerate new sounds through repetition and layering. Honoring the history of sound art and specifically ‘paying homage’ to Basinski’s work offers compelling ways of exploring our engagement with the past in the present through sound.
‘Disintegra’ is an audio map that focuses specifically on the shifts and continuities of Vancouver's downtown east side by fusing archival audio taken from the neighborhood with present recordings of it, layering and repeating them in a single piece of sound art synthesis. How this audio mixes and interacts with each of its fragmented components is both spontaneous and predictable — new sounds emerge as the ghosts of the past always remain present.