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Chandra Metaling Tallow

Chandra Melting Tallow is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician of Blackfoot and mixed ancestry from the Siksika Nation. She works primarily in sound, installation and performance. Her work has been exhibited in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Victoria, Vancouver and Istanbul. Her art practice primarily deals with ancestral memory, the intergenerational effects of trauma andfantasy.

Little Garden: A memory can be a welcome adversary to the present. In moments of overwhelming nostalgia its as though the mind can't discern between a reliving an experience or the event itself. It becomes its own form of time travel. I remembered very clearly building an elaborate garden as an internal paradise and I spent half my life there as a child. What I remembered was very colorful, peaceful and filled with magic. Yet when I finally took the time to pay a visit to this neglected world I was reminded that memories often paint a very different picture than what was actually experienced. A child's fantasy is often a reflection and means to comprehend the world around them, feelings of happiness and fear take shape in mysterious forms and my garden was full of many different unexpected shadows.