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Andrea Lukic

Andrea Lukic is a Serbian born Vancouver based interdisciplinary artist, Her work focuses on surreal, fantastic, absurd, alchemical, and grotesque visions and sounds. Obsession with devils, angels, forbidden fruit, reporters, trials, and crimes, she creates surrogates of repressed memories to explore her inner space through cognitive forensics. 

Sacrificed by society, an idler, a day dreamer, a magician, a traitor, and a murderer, are experiencing plight inwardly and daily from a wormhole. Outside the cell the Roman officer punishes his wife Hera, by dangling her from the clouds with anvils tied to her feet. As the block on which the blacksmith strikes with his hammer, the anvil is a symbol of the passive femmesaint role which the Roman officer is impressing upon his wife -after her rebelliousness, with her masculine Animus. But with no lasting effect, there is no queen in hell, so the next thriller has to be collected from the shelf, until then, Hera admits, "I look around me and I see people live, when I try to do the same, I end up in jail."


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