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Call for Artists: Deep Listening



Climate Studies asks artists to create a max 10 minute piece that experiments with audio and sound framed by this theme. Climate Studies invites artists to produce sound work that experiments with different approaches to the study, mediation, and/or conceptualization of our weather; our climate. Scientists, shamans, hobbyists, inventors, poets, storytellers, composers, historians, and astrologers have long been engaged in and will continue to approach, make sense of, apprehend, measure and otherwise read the patterns, rhythms, aberrations and cataclysms of their surroundings. This call invites further audio works tied to these pursuits.

Residencies: The residencies are for emerging and intermediate sound artists. The expectation is that you will have at least 4 sessions in our studio on location at the MAC headquarters to work on your piece over the month of October. Residency artists are expected to submit a weekly log and to track hours in the studio.
Artist Fee: $850 paid upon final piece submission

Commissions: Commissions are for established artists. These pieces must be completed at the artist’s own studio and there is not requirement for a log or time tracking.
Artist Fee: $500 paid upon final piece submission


Application: Please APPLY NOW with your name, bio, a brief description of what your project would be, and a link to your work and CV by September 30th 2018.

Dates: Successful Applicants will be notified on October 2nd. All pieces must be completed by Sunday November 4th.

We strongly encourage artists of colour, indigenous artists, LGBTQ2S artists, and artists with various abilities to apply. MAC’s vision is to sharply shift to a representation of a diverse subset of artists in our activities. Please feel free to highlight this in your application. We look forward to receiving all applications.